Our Grand Opening and Some Personal Reflections…

There are tears of joy and excitement in my eyes at this moment, seeing the grand opening of our Y Grow Up website. Many long months of hard work and dedication from the creative team have finally paid off! We have finally launched this site, and I am more than honored to share it with the global community.

I am ecstatic to have the opportunity to give our customers a creative, easy to use, online environment to purchase high quality educational toys for the most precious children in our lives.

But, you may ask, Why educational toys? Where did you come up with the name Y Grow Up? Why are you launching a website all of a sudden?Well, let me tell you a bit about the long history of Y Grow Up.

I used to own a marvelous activity center for parents and children in Weston, FL (and later North Miami Beach, FL) that was called Y Grow Up.”  Customers from all over South Florida would flock with their children for quality mommy and me classes, hands on activities, and quality educational training through toys for babies as young as three months old up to children of five year old. Many of the toys that were used in the activity center, were and still are award-winning educational toys for children. After years of hard work, we sadly closed our doors to the physical locations.

Now in 2015, we have used our historic namesake to launch, Y Grow Up, an online platform for parents, guardians, family members, and teachers to purchase top quality educational toys for the most important little ones in our lives.

On our creative and virtual shopping platform, we are extending our service from the sunny beaches of Florida to the rest of the world. We are trying to keep the same interesting concepts from our former physical location to an on-line environment where parents, guardians, family, and teachers will have the opportunity to shop online for interactive, mind-boggling, educational toys. Whether your child wants to shop in a miniature grocery store, play dress up at the civic center, protect the city as a law enforcement officer, extinguish fires as a firefighter, save humanity as a health professional, or paint like Picasso as painter, our site has all of the items you would need available for purchase. Most importantly, we have an enormous selection of educational toys for the children to develop their Einsteinpotential. You and your child will have the educational time of your lives shopping at Y Grow Up with the toys and materials that you will purchase on our website.

I will be providing educational ideas, articles, reflections, and recommendations  in my blog, on this site, for our customers. I will try to utilize my 36-year experience in the field of education, to provide you with an insightful blog on this site.

Fun is the key of learning. Children learn by playing and sharing while interacting with educational toys and their loved ones. Y Grow Up will help you create these perfect moments.

I have a great relationship with my adult children. Playing with them years ago gave our children the foundation for their success today.

Thank you for being part of Y GROW UP

Viki A. Budik, M.S. Ed

President/Owner of Y Grow Up, LLC

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