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We are proud and excited to let our readers know that Ygrowup.net has been selected by the panelist from Feedspot as one of  Top 40 Educational Toys Blogs. This is the most comprehensive list of top Educational Toys blogs on the internet. top 40 educational toy blog   Ygrowup.net usually tries to provide our parents and teachers with a variety of blogs related to educational topics for children from six months to six years. Our goal for this year is to post at least four blogs per month for our readers. You can find our blogs in our website: www.ygrowup.net. Remember to check back with us in the next few weeks. The owner of Ygrowup.net will be making her yearly trip to the Toy Fair which takes place in New York. In this trip she will be selecting the new educational toys that will be part of Ygrowup’s categories in our website. We will be posting a blog with a sneak peak of the new educational toys coming this year. We will keep you posted!

Holiday Best Choices from Ygrowup.net

See below to check out Ygrowup’s best choices for this holiday season.

Chef’s Kitchen – Cupcake

The Scoop Budding young chefs is one of our holiday best choices because your kids can hone their craft in this beautifully designed, pretty pink modern play kitchen! The easy to assemble chef’s kitchen includes a refrigerator/freezer with working ice maker that dispenses two included “ice cubes,” an oven and stovetop with dials that turn, microwave with turning plate, sink with moving faucet and handle, grocery check list, movable hooks, and ample shelving and storage.

Six Sided Play Cube

A new and exciting twist to our play cube series, the Six Sided Play Cube combines 7 fun activities into one ultimate play center!  Innovative design coupled with excellent activities, this cube provides hours of stimulating play.  Each side features a different activity: the Pathfinder, Learn the Alphabet, Counting Abacus, Fun Gears, Magnetic Circle Express, and Zigidy Zag Panel. The cube is topped with the classic rollercoaster wire and bead mazes. This toy is truly a multi-sensory adventure, helping children develop hand-eye coordination, visual tracking skills, letter and color recognition, & much more!  Entertaining, engaging, and educational with no loose pieces.  Great for the home, schools, waiting rooms, and any child-friendly play area.

Mosaic Party/Education box

The PlayMais mosaic EDU box comes with more than 12,00 mosaic pieces, 48 craft cards, 6 sponges and instructions.

Christmas Tree Chunky Puzzle

This festive wooden puzzle lets kids trim the Christmas tree again and again! Chunky wooden ornaments are another one of our holiday best choices because they fit into the recessed puzzle board, painted with matching artwork to assist beginning puzzlers. The 13 puzzle pieces stand upright for counting and sorting activities too!

First Play Wooden Jumbo Knob Safari Animal Puzzle

The Scoop Little hands and big imaginations will love these friendly wooden safari animals with oversized noses! The smiling tiger, giraffe, and lion have wooden knobs for noses that are easy to grasp. Babies and toddlers will delight in matching pieces to pictures on the sturdy wooden 14-inch by eight-inch puzzle board, discovering colors and patterns, and developing fine motor skills. First Play puzzles and toys feature bright colors, bold patterns, and whimsical designs that boost skills while sparking imagination and wonder – right from the start!


Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas! Christmas is right around the corner and your little Santa will love to ride down the street delivering Christmas tree and toys in this bright red delivery truck! The delivery truck comes with one 18″ Christmas tree, wooden side railings, functioning chrome bell & LED headlight, padded seat, adjustable windshield and working tailgate for presents and toys!

Active Builders

Make a fantastic Castle, Ship or Farm and play in it with the 9 Clics figurines.

Chef’s Kitchen – Charcoal

Budding young chefs can hone their craft in this beautifully designed, charcoal-colored modern play kitchen! The easy to assemble chef’s kitchen includes a refrigerator/freezer with innovative working ice maker that dispenses two included “ice cubes,” an oven and stovetop with dials that turn, microwave with turning plate, sink with moving faucet and handle, grocery check list, movable hooks, and ample shelving and storage for easy cleanup.


The most important dog fashion event around the world takes place every year in Trendy Ville. Puppies from all round the world come seeking for the latest tendencies. Among top celebrities, we can find Thomas from London, Louis from Paris, Giorgio from Milan, and Ralph from New York. All gather here to satisfy their passion for fashion and their weakness for fabulous fragrances!
Trendy Dogs give children with glass that extra bump of confidence they need.

Y Grow Up’s Top Ten Kids Toys Summer Recommendations

Top Ten Kids Toys
It is tremendously hard to select since all of the toys we carry on our website are an outstanding choice, but every couple of months Y Grow Up chooses the top ten kids toys of the month. We do this in effort to help parents and teachers promote the best education for their children. We like to pick them according to what children can relate to at the given moment. For example, for the summer we choose toys that are more relevant to summer activities, hot weather and so on. The top ten kids toys for the months of June and July and august are the following: You can let your child play with toys such as the Sweet & Sunny Lemonade Stand, the Snacks and Sweets Food cart, or Let’s Play House! Grocery Basket with Play Food. Nothing tastes better on a hot day than an ice-cold glass of lemonade. Our Sweet and Sunny Lemonade Stand gives kids everything they need to run their very own pretend business. It comes complete with a chalkboard and lots of helpful storage space. They can sell lemonade in the yard and they can keep track of their income with the help of Zylions Real Money ATM Bank. This Real Money ATM Bank features holds actual money and keeps a running balance of your “account”. This realistic wire grocery basket toy, can help them practice for when they go to the grocery store with you. Top Ten Kids Toys Planning a well-balanced meal is child’s play with this wooden play food set, and so we recommend the Food Groups – Wooden Play Food. But eating right is not the only thing kids must do, reading is extremely important and should be part of your child’s everyday life.  Good reads include our Kitchen Club Kids (Volume 1 & 2) and if your child is more on the active side, we recommend uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt Game. Disguised as a treasure hunt, this multi-award winning children’s literacy game gets kids physically active as they read clues and search to find a hidden surprise. The uKloo Early Reader was selected as one of the top ten kids toys and classroom games not only by us, but also by the American Association of Educators. Top Ten Kids Toys Another multi award toy is the Teach My Toddler Learning KitDeluxe Version. Teach My Toddler is an all-in-one learning kit for toddlers 18 months+. It is full of learning activities for toddlers and screen-free. The kit has everything to give your toddler a head start and teach the basics. Teach My Toddler is divided into four sections; The Alphabet, Numbers to 10, Shapes and Colors.   Top Ten Kids Toys Don’t forget the Toddler Activity Station and the ALEX Toys Artist Studio Super Rolling Art Center. The artist studio is the ultimate easel for young artists! Our fun toddler activity station is just what preschoolers and early learners need to engage in fun imaginative play. Top Ten Kids Toys Find the best 2017 top ten kids toys selected by our education professionals at Y Grow Up. You will not be disappointed. kids educational toys

Overcome Learning Difficulties with Special Needs Toys

Special Needs Toys
Special needs toys need to be safe, fun and build children’s intellectual, physical and emotional skills. Our games, puzzles and toys will keep them amused for hours, and simultaneously improve logic, hand-eye coordination, memory and problem-solving skills.   We sell a vast selection of unique special needs toys, including blocks, cognitive play, educational, fine and gross motor, and pretend. Nourish your child’s imagination and developmental skills with one of these great items.   The award-winning Deluxe Mini Play Cube is an absolute favorite among children and is also a perfect match for special needs toys. Little ones love the various activities available that provide hours of engaging and intriguing play. It features 5 popular toys in one: the Mini Roller coaster Express, Pathfinder, Counting Abacus, Fun Gears, and Learn the Alphabet. Each side offers a distinct sensory learning experience for children, promoting basic learning skills such as visual tracking, math skills, hand-eye coordination, color recognition and more!   The Magnet Express Wall Panel is based on our original award-winning Magnet Express.  It is fun and educational, enhancing various basic learning skills such as motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and fine and gross motor dexterity as children use magnetic wands to guide the balls through the maze! A unique and captivating wall panel that is decorative and saves space.   A 6-Station, modular Sand and Water Play Center that promotes tactile discovery, fine motor skills and social interaction, and sensory experiences. Use a variety of textures to stimulate different sensory input in children including sand, water, beans, or shaving cream. Built in drains make clean up easy and storage lids keep everything in place.   Two other excellent toys we carry for kids with special needs are the Educational Ball Assortment and the Special Alphabet Set. The educational ball assortment has surface that is velvety soft and provides excellent stimulation. Roll them, bounce them, or throw them, Rubbabu balls are safe birth upwards. The Special Alphabet Set is a set of 26 alphabet tiles, one each with A-Z embossed on it in both Braille and the English alphabet. Safe birth and up, this is a toy not only for visually impaired children.   Special Needs Toys Special Needs Toys  Special Needs Toys At Y Grow Up we have special needs toys for those of us w/ special needs kids. Shop now & receive 10% off w/ code 10OFF.
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