Special Needs Toys

Overcome Learning Difficulties with Special Needs Toys

Special needs toys need to be safe, fun and build children’s intellectual, physical and emotional skills. Our games, puzzles and toys will keep them amused for hours, and simultaneously improve logic, hand-eye coordination, memory and problem-solving skills.


We sell a vast selection of unique special needs toys, including blocks, cognitive play, educational, fine and gross motor, and pretend. Nourish your child’s imagination and developmental skills with one of these great items.


The award-winning Deluxe Mini Play Cube is an absolute favorite among children and is also a perfect match for special needs toys. Little ones love the various activities available that provide hours of engaging and intriguing play. It features 5 popular toys in one: the Mini Roller coaster Express, Pathfinder, Counting Abacus, Fun Gears, and Learn the Alphabet. Each side offers a distinct sensory learning experience for children, promoting basic learning skills such as visual tracking, math skills, hand-eye coordination, color recognition and more!


The Magnet Express Wall Panel is based on our original award-winning Magnet Express.  It is fun and educational, enhancing various basic learning skills such as motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and fine and gross motor dexterity as children use magnetic wands to guide the balls through the maze! A unique and captivating wall panel that is decorative and saves space.


A 6-Station, modular Sand and Water Play Center that promotes tactile discovery, fine motor skills and social interaction, and sensory experiences. Use a variety of textures to stimulate different sensory input in children including sand, water, beans, or shaving cream. Built in drains make clean up easy and storage lids keep everything in place.


Two other excellent toys we carry for kids with special needs are the Educational Ball Assortment and the Special Alphabet Set. The educational ball assortment has surface that is velvety soft and provides excellent stimulation. Roll them, bounce them, or throw them, Rubbabu balls are safe birth upwards. The Special Alphabet Set is a set of 26 alphabet tiles, one each with A-Z embossed on it in both Braille and the English alphabet. Safe birth and up, this is a toy not only for visually impaired children.


Special Needs Toys Special Needs Toys  Special Needs Toys

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