Let’s make Halloween an Educational Experience!

Halloween is here and so are the kid’s educational toys!  The only thing we do not have are your treats and Halloween routes ready! At this age, many kids get frightened with Halloween festivities, so that is why adults should set up the stage and control the environment for the kids. Instead of frightening the kids on the block, we will help educate them. Ygrowup.net is always thinking in the benefits of the children’s education, therefore we have carefully picked this year’s costumes. The chosen costumes can be used for fun and also as kid’s educational toys.  As a result, it will stimulate the children’s minds and help them develop skills through creativity and dramatic play time. Win-win, we just extended the use of these costumes through the whole year.

Costume Ideas with kid’s educational toys!

This Halloween, your young child can be anything ranging from a policeman, Mailman, Fireman, Doctor and nurses. We have everything you need at the civic center. The best part is that after Halloween, these games and tools are a great option to create ideal playrooms.

Police Officer

This police costume can serve to help other officers keep children safe at night while trick-or-treating.

PoliceCostume kid’s educational toys


So your child follows you back and forth in the kitchen. Seems like you have a child aspiring to be a chef, so get them the Chef Role Costume Set. Your little chef will be master of the pretend kitchen! This set comes complete with a set of measuring spoons, two wooden utensils, an oven mitt and a name tag for personalizing. We would even dare to say they can use this for motivation to prepare their own Halloween treats. Caramel apples anyone?

ChefCostume kid’s educational toys

Construction Worker

If it’s construction that they like, our construction worker role play costume is another one that can be described as kid’s educational toys. It includes a bright orange, vest high-lighted with reflective material and a tool belt. The  set also includes a yellow hard hat, “safety” goggles, a hammer, a saw, and a name tag for personalizing. Your child will be directing workers and moving materials like a professional. Do you need help carving a pumpkin? Construction worker’s hands are handy for anything this season!

ConstructionWorkerCostume kid’s educational toys


Guess what?! Your child can be the next Einstein! Discover great things with this scientist role play set! Not only will Young Madame Curies and Louis Pasteurs love their white lab coat, but they will also love the six included illustrated experiments they can do at home using the set’s goggles. Children also get a non-breakable beaker, test tube, petri dish, measuring spoons, and a hypothesis card. Find a variety of kid’s educational toys and costumes for kids at ygrowup.net.

ScientistCostume kid’s educational toys

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Remember, there are a variety of costumes for you to choose from. Your child can select a random costume, or they can match mommy and daddy’s profession. So match up with your kids, take pictures and show them off to your colleagues. Share this website with other parents  to help them find the ideal costume for their children. They will thank you and so will we!


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