Blue Scrambler Balance Bike


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Scrambler Balance Bike

Kiddimoto’s wooden balance bikes come in a variety of different designs and colors, ranging from a superbike design to 9 unique designs we call the Kurve. All wooden balance bikes are made from birch plywood from sustainable forests and have pneumatic tyres. The Kiddimoto balance bike range is a stylish and practical way for your little one to develop the balance and coordination skills necessary to prepare them for a lifetime of cycling, without the need for training wheels. All wooden balance bike are suitable for ages 2 -5.


Since the success of the Kiddimoto superbike, we have introduced a variation of the wooden balance bike. The scrambler. There are a number of differences with the style of this balance bike compared with the super bike – the main one being the tyres. The scrambler has knobbly tyres to ensure grip as well as replicating a model scrambler. The Kiddimoto scrambler range comes in 3 different colors – redblue and orange and all can be matched with accessories such as a variety of helmets and gloves. The scrambler has become one of Kiddimoto’s best sellers and it’s the perfect balance bike for any adventure-craving toddler.

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 35.4 × 15.4 × 20.1 in


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