Thinking BIG, Learning BIG


BIG activities engage little learners with this complete curriculum for science, math, literacy, and language.

BIG is powerful. Children want to be BIG. They want to do BIG. They love enormous numbers like a hundred million billion and long words like “tyrannosaurus rex.” They love to spread their arms wide and run as fast as they can. Thinking BIG, Learning BIG is filled with BIG activities to engage the imaginations of young children.

Children learn best by seeing, feeling, and doing. Making things on a grand scale enhances their understanding. When children build a giant spider with eight legs and eight eyes, and a giant fly with six legs and two eyes and two wings, children can experience the difference between spiders and flies, that they are not just “bugs.” BIG creations are more fun, more memorable, and therefore, more educational.

The chapters are organized by topic, with activities that build science, math, literacy, and language skills, which form a solid foundation for future learning. The information and activities align with the standards set by the National Academy of Sciences, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the International Reading Association, and the National Council of Teachers of English. The BIG Connections section presents ways to integrate the topic throughout the curriculum—in sensory experiences, art, music, dramatic play, and gross motor skills.

Thinking BIG, Learning BIG offers BIG fun and BIG learning!

Chapters Include:

  • Thinking BIG About Little Creatures: Worms
  • Thinking BIG About Little Creatures: Spiders
  • Seeds: Growing BIG
  • Rain, Drip, Drop, Downpour
  • Light! Colors! Rainbows!
  • Huffing and Puffing: Feel the Wind Blow
  • Brrr! Ice Is Cold
  • Outer Space is Really Huge: Astronauts Explore the Moon
  • How BIG Can We Build?
  • Getting From Here to There: Roads, Ramps, Bridges, and Tunnels
  • BIG Ideas: Inventions
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