The World of Y Grow Up Toys Sammy and Sally stay away from Coronavirus


About the Book This book was created in Honor of all the brave children and parents facing this pandemic around the world. This time, creating a book for children helping parents during these difficult times of coronavirus to be able to explain this pandemic to children in a way they can understand without getting stressed out. The book emphasizes looking for the positive side of spending time with mommy and daddy and safe practices when going outside. Children are sponges of learning but also sponges of stress. Y Grow Up’s play areas and toys will be introduced through our main characters, Sammy and Sally. We invite you to be part of the Y Grow Up family and we welcome you to our world of toys. We will be providing link of toys in the book this way parent will have the opportunity to integrate the book with learning skills with ideas of toys helping children in all-the developmental skill areas. Every toy has been designed by educators to bring your child the best learning experience that will create the foundations for life.

Dimensions 8.5 × 8.5 in