Stack Flap ‘N’ Tumble™


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Product Description

Stack, Flap n’ Tumble is an engaging stacking toy featuring five colourful stackable pieces that, when assembled, provide an upright tunnel for kids to drop balls down the centre. As the balls drop, the soft crinkly wings on each stacking piece flap. Children will hear fun sounds as each ball hits the bottom and tumbles out. Additionally, each stacking block has a clicking or rattling activity designed to encourage exploration and hone motor skills, while the flower funnel face that tops off the tower features soft petals for tactile discovery. Musical Stack, Flap n’ Tumble, for ages 9 months and up and requires 3 AA batteries.

The Yookidoo brand celebrates the importance of discovery with its fresh approach to playing and learning, through stimulating, interactive and highly innovative products. Developed by renowned designers Golos-Weisman Design (GWD), who have been creating breakthrough toys for over 20 years, GWD’s exclusive line captures the essence of what children want and parents seek.

Yookidoo toys possess a unique design language based on extensive research and ongoing observation of babies and infants at play. “We watch and learn – what they do, what they want and how they play – and then we create. Our toys are designed on the floor; we get down there to look at the world through a baby’s eyes. This way we gain an in-depth understanding of their unique world, It’s how we learn to ‘speak baby’, and why we know how to address the physical, social and intellectual needs and abilities of babies.” With Yookidoo, play time becomes a fun and educational celebration of discovery for both parents and babies. As they grow and progress through various stages of development, the fun of discovery grows with them.

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