Professor Poplar’s Amazing Alph-Abacus


A New Spin on a Classic

“My Name is Professor Poplar, and this is my patented Amazing Alph-Abacus! Wait ’til you see what I’ve done with the traditional abacus, I’ve truly outdone myself this time with this wonderous, wooden toy. I’ve painted each wooden letter in jewel-tone colors and packed them with numbers, letters, and objects on their sides. With one flip of a tile, you’ll find many learning opportunities. It is quite the sight to see!”

5 Enrichment Activities:

1. Flip over the number tiles and count up the shapes! Can you name the shapes? How many sides does each one have?

2. Point to a letter, then practice the sound it makes. Is it an Ahh, or a Buh? If you get it right, give it a spin!

3. Flip a letter over to reveal its object. Can you find the letter in its word? What does the object do? Does it make a sound?

4. Pick an object and look at its word. Can you sound out the word?

5. Flip every other number tile. Practice counting by odd numbers, then by even numbers!

Why You’ll Love It

This Alph-Abacus takes all the benefits of a traditional abacus and applies them to letters! It takes all the best parts of learning blocks and the abacus and merges them into one fun toy. Step right up, give it a spin and discover the many ways to learn!

Weight 2.31 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 9 × 4 in