PowerClix® Solids Natural – 70 pc. set


PowerClix Solids Natural integrates elements of natural play, light and color exploration and loose parts theory with the innovative STEM toy building platform of PowerClix. With nature-inspired colors, the Solids Natural set encourages children to create beautiful 2D patterns and advance to architectural constructions using familiar shapes. Use these pieces on a light table or in a sunny spot for a unique sensory experience. In keeping with STEM toy attributes, PowerClix magnetic building toys encourage children to think like engineers while having fun. Children can build unlimited 3D forms and solid, structured models for sorting and collecting activities. Solids are designed to integrate flawlessly with all PowerClix system sets. Organize and store PowerClix pieces easily with the new metal plate built right into the packaging. The metal plate may be used as a building base as well. Store indoors. Ages 3+

Open-ended magnetic construction toy integrated with light play, natural play and loose parts theory
Colorful, translucent ABS plastic with easy click and connect neodymium magnetic system
Set includes ten, double-sided Inspiration Cards to fuel inspiration
Storage box has a metal plate for easy storage or as a base for builds
Educational Focus: Fine motor skills and spatial thinking with STEM applications
Ages 4+

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 7.06 × 1.16 × 5.28 in