Kitchen Club Kids (Volume 1 & 2)


Volume 1

End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad

Count from one to ten, exploring a variety of colorful fruits as kids learn to prepare a healthy treat for friends and family to share.


Mom's Choice Awards Gold Medal RecipientNIEA, National Indie Excellence Awards, WINNER, Kitchen Club Kids, End of the Rainbow Fruit SaladRoyal Dragonfly Book Awards, First Place, 1st Place, Kitchen Club Kids, End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad

Ideal for early child development, End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad uses the art of recipe preparation, colorful illustrations and critical thinking lessons to make the kitchen both fun and educational for kids. Kitchen Club Kids books are great for toddlers during storytime before a meal or before bed. As an added bonus, End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad is also a rhymey-good-timey recipe that can be prepared in the kitchen by cooks of any caliber. So, the books present great activities for older kids too.

Perfect for children ages 2-6.

From counting and colors to food exploration and fun problem solving, Kitchen Club Kids books give parents a reason to get cooking with their little ones, while helping establish healthy eating habits and an appreciation for the foods that make it to our dinner tables.

Additional information: Weight: 1 lb – Dimensions: 8.5 x 8.5 x 0.25 in


Volume 2

Garden Safari Vegetable Soup

Learn how to create a tasty vegetable soup in ten easy steps. This edible, flavor adventure is sure to stir up some kitchen fun. Explore numbers, colors and vegetables.


Mom's Choice Awards Creative Child Magazine, Creative Child Awards, 2014 Book of the Year Award, Kitchen Club Kids, Garden Safari Vegetable Soup

Join the Kitchen Club Kids as they visit the garden to find fresh vegetables to eat. They search and count. They cut, dice and stir until the meal is complete.

This rhymey-good-timey recipe adventure story offers basic cooking lessons and promotes healthy eating. The colorful illustrations and layered learning opportunities on each page will keep your child’s interest from beginning to end.

Kitchen Club Kids books are also real, hands-on cooking activities that help teach 2-6 year olds how to follow recipes. But, you don’t have to be a chef to enjoy these books. Whether you’re reading with your child before mealtime or before bedtime, Kitchen Club Kids books turn story time into a culinary, learning adventure.

The famous “pickle” hidden on each page of Kitchen Club Kids® End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad makes a return in Garden Safari Vegetable Soup. But, we have to warn you, finding him on every page won’t be as easy as it was in the first book!

Weight 2 lbs


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