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Ages 5+ / Grades K+
 WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD – Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.
• Discover the secret of why bubbles pop and how to bounce a bubble
• Learn about what shapes a bubble, even making your very own square bubble!
• A total of 9 labs all about bubbles, with suggestions and directions to take the labs further<bold>All of Our Favorite Bubble Experiments in One Kit!</bold>Discover the secret of why bubbles pop and how to bounce a bubble

Learn how to mix your own bubble solution, and experiment to find the recipe that makes the biggest, best bubbles! Discover the secret behind what makes a bubble pop. Test your theories to find a way to bounce, squeeze, and even juggle a bubble.

<bold>Create an unforgettable learning experience for both you and your child</bold>

This STEM Science Kit includes all the materials you need to conduct all 9 experiments, suggestions for take-it-further activities and challenges for 1-4 children per kit. You’ll also receive two activity guides! The young scientist guide has step-by-step instructions for each lab, along with questions, and more challenges. The adult helper gets a guide including all the science behind the labs.

What does it teach?

There’s something magical about a bubble. It’s just a little puff of air trapped in a thin film of soap and water. Work towards understanding the science of air pressure, and how it shapes the bubbles. Take these labs further to understand the basics behind how to create a experiment, such as in uncovering the best recipe for bubbles.

  • Most People Think That Bubbles Only Come in One Shape – Spheres

With this kit you’ll be able to create a Square Bubble, so you can put those thoughts to rest.

  • Make Some Science Fair Connections

The take-it-further challenges featured through this kit are great starting points for any science fair project. With the help and guidance from the adult science helper, it will be easy to focus in on any one of the experiments to create a great science fair project!

We’ll show you the trick to create many layers of bubbles all inside of each other.


Age / Grade: Ages 5+ / Grades K+
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