Emotional Development of Three- and Four-Year-Olds


Whether you see a preschooler laughing or crying, hugging or tugging on a playmate, taking risks or seeking comfort from an adult, you know that they are developing their emotional skills and growing up in so many ways every day. And they need your help! Emotional Development of Three- and Four-Year-Oldsshares common milestones and typical scenarios to help you recognize various ways that preschoolers express their feelings and interact with others. You will also learn strategies for supporting and nurturing their growth, especially in situations involving the following types of emotional challenges and accomplishments:

  • Expressing kindness and empathy
  • Exerting independence
  • Managing shyness
  • Building confidence
  • Testing limits and taking risks
  • Expressing anger and frustration
  • Dealing with fears and anxieties
  • Sharing a sense of humor
  • Handling conflicts
  • Dealing with separation and loss

As you support preschoolers struggling to handle emotional challenges that occur during everyday interactions with adults and other children, you will help them learn the skills to navigate their emotional ups and downs in more positive ways.

Part of the Gryphon House Growing Up in Stages series.

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