Dr. Pine’s Pet Hospital Veterinary Kit



Paging Dr. Pine! Are you ready to become the town’s beloved vet? Make sure you’re well equipped with all of the tools of the trade with Dr. Pine’s Pet Hospital Veterinary Kit from Imagination Generation. All the town’s cute little critters need treatment and only you can help them fell better! Dr. Pine’s kit includes 9 safe wooden medical instruments for taking care of all your perfect pets. In this kid you’ll find a Thermometer, Safe Syringe, Tweezers, Stethoscope for diagnosing your patients. Need to wrap up a boo-boo? No problem! The kit comes with gauze so you won’t have to use any around the house. If your patients have been good boys and girls, we have plenty of treats included and a bowl to put them in. You’ll also get a Comb to groom your patients with after they are done with treatment!

Why You’ll Love It

This playset encourages fun imaginative play as well as inspiration for possible career aspirations. When your done playing, pack everything back up in the included lunchbox that’s a breeze to bring to a friend’s house. As with all of our Imagination Generation playsets, all materials included are made from safe and natural cuts of wood as well as water-based safe paints.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × 5.5 × 3.0 in