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Brit Pop Scooter


Ride-on balance bike

Our Kiddimoto Scooter ride-on balance bike is a lovingly produced replica of a design classic of the motorcycling world. Your little rider will rule Britannia wherever they go. Kiddimoto Scooters have unique features that are representative of a time when scooters ruled the roads and were true status symbols. Our Brit Pop Scooter is an iconic throwback to a nostalgic era, but it also provides the perfect platform for your child to develop balance and coordination. Watch your child scoot along in classic style with a Kiddimoto Scooter balance bike! You can order your British scooter online today and bring back the Brit pop era in your household.”

Weight 16.09 lbs
Dimensions 35.43 × 15.35 × 20.08 in


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